Inside the Orchestra on Angie Austin’s The Good News Radio Program

I think I have now been on every AM radio station in Denver!  To  hype our upcoming Inside the Orchsestra: for Tiny Tots series starting February 4th– Inside the Orchestra supporter Layne Hunt got me booked on Angie Austin’s radio program on 810 AM KLVZ.  It is a religious oriented station and has many home school moms listening– and home schoolers are a demographic that we want to connect with.  Angie insisted that we include a child or two who have performed with our professional musicians, so I asked Julie Weinstein whose three children have all performed concerti with our orchestra.  They were well spoken and along with “mom Julie” really articluated the Inside the Orchestra’s mission.  The interview was an hour long and I think made for good radio.

Getting the word out about Inside the Orchestra is our number one priority right now as we not only get ready for our winter Tiny Tots programs but also hyping our upcoming “Inside the Orchestra: for Adults Only this February 28th at the Artwork Network gallery on Santa Fe at 9th.”

Radio has been a part of my life since 1986 when I had my start on KOA Radio hosting my own talk show– that lasted on and off for 17 years.  Those days were fun as radio wasn’t as partisan as it is now. Plus I was able to broadcast and still do our Inside the Orchestra shows as the schedules didn’t conflict– think of it: I started doing our childrens programs the same year as my initial work at KOA, 27 years ago… seems like yesterday.

Radio is so much easier than conducting, but the rewards from Inside the Orchestra programming greatly outweigh the work being a talk show host.  Bottom line? Give me our performances over that stuff  any day!!

Listen to the complete interview here!