Did you know? Inside the Orchestra sees an average of 20,000 people a year!

Did you know? Inside the Orchestra sees an average of 20,000 people a year!

Our programs do what no one else does – children get to experience what it is to be inside the orchestra as they are seated on the floor and surrounded by our professional musicians. By incorporating contemporary music, we teach children that orchestral music is all around them and part of their everyday lives. By introducing sections of classical music, we help them explore music they might never have heard before. By encouraging them to interact directly with the conductor and the musicians we show them that music is designed to be explored and enjoyed. By highlighting a child their age excelling musically, we inspire them to pick up an instrument and remind them that music is accessible. By inviting a child up to conduct, we give them a once-in-a-lifetime chance to lead an orchestra themselves. There is no alternative to the interactive experience that Inside the Orchestra performances provides. Here are some of our programs:

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots is an interactive 45-minute performance created to introduce kids ages 6 and under to orchestral music.  The audience hears well-known repertoire from “Looney Tunes” to Beethoven. Children stomp like giants during the “Montagues and Capulets,” grow with music during “Also sprach Zarathustra,” and ride into the sunset with the “William Tell Overture.” Through a partnership with Central City Opera, we feature a professional opera singer during every performance.

Inside the Orchestra for Schools

Inside the Orchestra is performed in more than thirty elementary schools and venues in an average of sixty concerts a season. The conductor introduces key elements of symphonic music such as transitions, orchestral “color” and identifying major and minor keys with happy and sad. The audience is also treated to up-close-and-personal demos by the strings, woodwinds, horns and percussion. Through a partnership with Central City Opera, we feature a professional opera singer in every performance. In addition, one child is given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to conduct the Inside the Orchestra orchestra.

Inside the Conductor’s Head

Inside the Conductor’s Head (ItCH) is the innovative follow program designed and presented to enhance and reinforce the long term effect of Inside the Orchestra on students. The curriculum is designed to explore melody, motif and phrases (drawing connections to grammar), and using math to learn how to count and conduct. Discussion also includes the history of different genres and eras of music and the relationship to world history.


Inside the Orchestra proudly fosters young talent with our Concerto Program. Almost all of our programs feature one or more soloists (Grades K-6) who perform with the Inside the Orchestra orchestra, demonstrating peer success to our young audiences. The Concerto Program serves as a valuable launch pad for future performance opportunities, giving soloists experience, confidence and inspiration to pursue their talents.

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