What inspires you? Part 3: Antonio Parés

Board Member Antonio Parés descibes how music played an integral part of his adolescence, and the effect it continues to have on him today:

“I wish I could I say that at age 10 I found the piano, I practiced four hours a day, and it completely changed the way I viewed life, education, or my future. That’s not my story, but music was a constant in my life because of my parents. It was background noise during dinner. Music played as we wound down for the evening. It was blasted on car radios, and we would sing along to it on road trips.

I saw music as the soundtrack of my life. What I mean is for any given occasion music was the answer: a good grade on a test- music, a victory on the athletic field- music, not feeling well due to illness or just life- music, and options and choices were never an issue. I grew up in house with hundreds of records. I went on to own hundreds and hundreds of CDs. I still have a playlist with over 8000 songs. Different genres and different bands for different moments in life.

My music is the soundtrack of my life. It’s there to pick me up when down, and to help me celebrate good moments, and I’ll pass this relationship with music on to my children. Music is a gift regardless of how it enters your life or how you choose to engage with it.”


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Board Member Antonio Parés

Board Member Antonio Parés