What inspires you? Part 4: Renet Greer (and family!)

Today, board member Renet Greer sends us this funny anecdote about how participating in Tiny Tots has influenced and inspired her children. 

“Over the last three years, my children and I have attended numerous Tiny Tots performances. My six year old daughter, inspired by the child soloists, has been playing the piano for 2 years now. She has made it a challenge to practice longer than the daily practice times of the child soloists! My 4 year old son has gravitated toward percussion and horns. While driving, we will often listen to the classical station (incidentally, this is the only station upon which they can both agree!) and they have made a game of trying to identify which instruments they hear. They are always convinced that their friend Maestro Jensen is the one conducting!

Though I must admit, I have found one drawback to exposing them to this amazing world of music. When my son was 2, he was banging away on his toy drums with chopsticks when I mentioned that it would soon be time for bed. He stopped playing, held up one of the sticks, looked at me sternly and said “Stop talking. I’m the Conductor!”


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Greer Children