What inspires you? Part 6: Executive Director Shelby Mattingly

We’ve been spending the last several weeks telling you about what inspires board members and staff at Inside the Orchestra. We’ve heard great stories, and shared pictures and information with you about what we do, why we do it, and how you can help.

And help you sure did. I just got back from mailing thank you letters to all of our Colorado Gives Day donors and I am overwhelmed by the response we got on Tuesday. We more than DOUBLED last year’s total #COGivesDayamount raised.

To each and every person who has attended an Inside the Orchestra program, to the people who helped spread the word through email, phone, or social media about our programs and our cause, to the folks who have given and continue to give their hard earned money so that we can bring music to the lives of thousands of Colorado children each year – thank you. We simply could not do it without you.

You inspire us. Thank you so very much.

– Inside the Orchestra Executive Director, Shelby Mattingly