A Tribute to Anita Spring

Kris (Anita) Spring, who was a long time member of the Junior Symphony Guild/Inside the Orchestra, passed away on April 3rd. Kris was in a wheelchair a month ago, but still had the energy to come to our Inside the Orchestra for Adults fundraiser… She was an inspiration to me and I was so moved that she was a supporter of our programs right up until the end. We asked Vern Collins, her longtime friend, to write a tribute to her and her involvement with Inside the Orchestra. His comments are below:

Anita Christine Spring was born in the small town of Sutton Neb.  She was the eldest of the 3  Lorenzen sisters.  Her father worked many jobs, but in the latter years was a plumber with an appliance store. .  She was task from the early years to help her mother who was somewhat frail.  She walked the few blocks to town as a child to bring home groceries – and pay bills for the family. This was no small feat as each trip she had to cross the bridge over a little stream.  It was so frightening that each time she had to run across with fear it would collapse. She also helped and in some respects raised her sisters.  She was a good student and completed high school and went on to become a teacher.  She married, and in 1966 she moved to Denver with a daughter and husband. For years, she taught math in the Jeffco school district.

Her love of the arts is evidence by her long patronage of both visual and performing arts. Her  involvement with the Junior Symphony Guild (now Inside the Orchestra) held a special place in her heart. She was part of a group of women that helped the Guild become a reality.  Over the years, mostly  behind the scenes, she worked to enhance the membership, serving as chair for a period. She helped with her time and energy to further the Tiny Tots program and for numerous years she worked on the Show Home fundraisers.  I can not tell even a full measure as she is so humble about what she has done that she sums it up in ” I helped in any way that I could”.  Well I can’t think of any better legacy that anyone could have. – Vern Collins