Favorite Moments from the 15-16 Tiny Tots Season

Every Tiny Tots performance is packed full of fun, silly, and happy moments that come together to make our programs such a special experience. From the smiles of the children and adults in our audience to the awesome volunteers that help make it all possible, every time we perform we leave with wonderful new memories. Here are some of our favorite moments from the past year. Thanks for a great season!

The Little Helper


Inside the Orchestra is fortunate to have a wonderful team of volunteers. They inspire us with their hard work and their passion and compassion is contagious. This year during our programs at The Wildlife Experience, one little boy caught the compassion bug as he reached up to the handles of one of our favorite volunteer’s motorized wheelchair and “helped” to walk her down the hallway to the performance. Everyone’s hearts melted.

More Music Please

This winter we asked audiences about the influence that music has had on their lives through the #MusicMovesMe tag. A little girl and her mother shared a sweet story about their first time coming to Tiny Tots. Watch the video to see the adorable thing the girl did after seeing her first performance.

Past, Present, and Future

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If you joined us at Tiny Tots this year, you probably heard that Inside the Orchestra just celebrated its thirtieth birthday. In the fall of 1985, we started bringing our Inside the Orchestra for Schools program into elementary schools in Denver. One of the very first schools we visited that year was Greenlee Elementary. It was fun to come full circle when Greenlee brought their preschoolers to Tiny Tots at Boettcher Concert Hall this winter. Looks like they must have really liked the performance 30 years ago!

Broncos In the House

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Broncos, Broncos, Broncos! Anyone in Denver knows that February was a big month for us. Superbowl Champions anyone? We had a ton of fun at our very first concert in February after the Broncos win when former team member Reggie Rivers joined us on stage and got to conduct. He conducted the NFL theme song and was a huge hit with the audience (kids and adults alike).