Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we’ve found that a lot of people have some of the same questions about Inside the Orchestra and our programs. So we decided to start collecting those questions (and their answers) on a Frequently Asked Questions page. You can see samples of some of the questions we get asked below, but the full list can be found on the FAQ page. If you have a question that isn’t answered on there, never fear! Let us know and we’ll make sure to answer you right away.

What types of programs do you do?

  • Tiny Tots is an interactive 45-minute program created to introduce kids ages 6 and under to orchestral music. Using a 30+ piece orchestra, we perform this program in venues throughout Denver. It is open to the public, but a large portion of our audiences are from area preschools. Children are encouraged to respond to different elements of the program, from “growing” to music that “grows” to stomping like giants, from waltzing like Sleeping Beauty to riding into the sunset like John Wayne. They are also introduced to instrument “families” and are encouraged to take a closer look at the instruments and ask questions of the musicians after the concert has concluded. The music selection, design, and scripting of Tiny Tots is geared to connect very young children with music – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Through a partnership with Alzheimer’s Association and other organizations, Tiny Tots is also open to senior citizen groups, and to individuals with dementia and their caregivers.
  • Inside the Orchestra for Schools is an immersive, interactive music education program geared toward students in K-8th grade. We take a 14-15 piece orchestra into schools and provide educational programs to schools that have depleted or non-existent music programs. The kids sit literally inside the orchestra as they are seated on the floor and surrounded by professional musicians. Our conductors are tour guides and educators throughout the program, teaching the kids about the music and instruments as the orchestra performs around them. The audience is treated to up-close-and-personal demos by the strings, woodwinds, horns and percussion. Scripting is designed to not only introduce music concepts, but to tie to curriculum that children are studying in other subjects. We prioritize high-need schools, with the vast majority of our school programs serving schools with a free/reduced lunch rate of over 80%. The school program has expanded in the last year to include bilingual programming as well, an area that will be further expanded in the 2016-17 season.
  • Inside the Orchestra for Families is an engaging 50-minute performance created to get families and children of all ages “inside the orchestra”. Using a 15-17 piece orchestra, the family concerts incorporate components of our school and Tiny Tots programs, to introduce the family and the community to the world of Inside the Orchestra. They are offered free to the public, at various venues throughout the spring/summer months.
  • Inside the Orchestra proudly fosters young talent with our Concerto Program. Each season, young soloists perform with the orchestra during the concerts, demonstrating peer success to our young audiences. Students of piano and violin rigorously prepare a movement from a concerto by the Masters such as Haydn, Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart. The Concerto Program serves as a valuable launch pad for future performance opportunities, giving soloists experience, confidence and inspiration to pursue their talents.
  • Inside the Orchestra partners with the Alzheimer’s Association to provide small group music programs to individual with dementia and their caregivers. These programs take place throughout Denver metro and are open to Alzheimer’s Spark! Participants only. The program involves performance by trios and quartets, interaction, and hands-on elements.
  • Inside the Orchestra is partnering this season with the Autism Society to provide programs geared for children with sensory processing disorders. These programs will be starting in spring 2017 and will be announced online soon.

Are you part of the Colorado Symphony?

  • Nope! Inside the Orchestra is a completely separate organization from the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. We do Tiny Tots programs at Boettcher Concert Hall every year, and some of our musicians do at times perform with CSO, but we are not part of their organization or their education department.

Why do you ask for donations at Tiny Tots? Don’t ticket sales cover the cost of your programs? 

  • While ticket sales are certainly an important part of our financial health, Tiny Tots tickets do not cover the costs of Tiny Tots programs. Typically, Tiny Tots ticket sales end up covering about 50% of the direct costs of putting on Tiny Tots programs. We ask for donations because the work that we do in the community would simply not be possible without the generosity of individual donors. Because of donations, we are able to keep our open door policy at Tiny Tots, which allows us to never turn anyone away and give thousands of tickets away each year. Donations also support our school program, which serves the highest-need schools in the Denver metro community.

How do I get you to come to my child’s school?

  • Get in touch with us! Email us at or by phone at 303-355-7855. We’d love to talk to you about the options. Please be aware that we typically have a wait list, but we will do what we can to figure out a way to bring a program to your community.