Extracurricular Activities

Being a parent today comes with a lot of advice – from experts, family members, friends, and sometimes even complete strangers – on what is best for your children. As a parent, you have your own priorities and opinions, and ultimately want what all parents want, for your child to have meaningful experiences that lead to their growth, education, and well-being. With the multitude of options for events, experiences, classes, organizations, and lessons for children, it can be hard to prioritize what extracurricular activities your child should be involved in. Do you enroll them in music lessons? Get them onto a sports team to keep them active? Sign them up for after-school tutoring to help them learn? Do something where you can spend time together? Why not do all at once and attend a Tiny Tots program or Family Concert at Inside the Orchestra? Inside the Orchestra’s programs will introduce your child to classical music, get them up and moving to the beat, and engage your child’s mind by getting them to think and answer questions about the music and instruments they hear, all while allowing you to spend quality time together.

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Being involved in and engaging with music from an early age has been proven to have many beneficiary effects on areas of children’s growth including brain development and neural efficiency, math skills, memory, language and speech skills, and literacy. (Read more from a previous blog post about why the arts are so important for children!) Far from being a boring or tedious learning experience, your child won’t even know that they’re gaining spatial-awareness from dancing to the music and getting bigger as the music gets louder and smaller as the music gets quieter during an exciting Tiny Tots program. Not to mention fostering a love of classical music by being actively engaged and creating life-long memories of having a fantastic time and being there with you.

In addition to providing a multitude of benefits for you child, getting them involved with Inside the Orchestra or another local arts charity helps give back to your community. With your support and with donations to Inside the Orchestra, we are able to share the benefits of music with thousands of people in the Denver area. In 2016 alone, we brought 117 music programs to 22,055 children, parents, caregivers, and teachers. Our donors and patrons helped to provide thousands of reduced and free tickets to communities in need and helped bring school programs to the schools with the highest need, free of charge.

So, when trying to choose from the many offerings and programs for your child to take part in and prioritizing which extracurricular activities to get involved in, consider music and Inside the Orchestra’s programs as a way to give your child and your community the most benefit.