10 Holiday Music Gifts for Kids

Have some last-minute shopping to do for your little one this holiday season? Want to support their love of music? Check out our list of ten holiday music gifts for ideas for your children!

1. Harry Potter Music Box


This charming little music box is hand-carved and plays Hedwig’s Theme from the Harry Potter films. Perfect for your child or for anyone who is a HP fan!

2. African Thumb Piano (Kalimba)


The kalimba is a traditional African instrument. Kalimbas are lamellophones. Lamella means plate, or tongue. “Lamellophone” is a term describing an instrument that makes sound by plucking or striking the plates. This yellow kalimba was designed especially for children, but if you’d like to support an African artisan who makes kalimbas, check out this link to a hand-crafted instrument. Here’s a video of a kalimba being played!

3. Kids Karaoke microphone


This fun gadget hooks up to your smartphone, computer, or tablet by Bluetooth, allowing you to choose the songs your children can sing along with!

4. Xylophone and Popular 8-Note Music Book


This multi-colored xylophone, along with a music book that provides color-coded music patterns along with the lettered notes, is a great gift for your young musician just beginning to learn how to read music.

5. Putty Pad for Drumming


For the aspiring young drummer in your family, consider this putty pad! It’s a fun alternative to a regular practice pad and helps reduce the noise of practicing. Double win! Check out a video review online here.

6. Recorder with “Frozen” Music Book


Because I’m sure there are some parents out there who haven’t yet gotten enough of the music from the Disney movie “Frozen”… Most children taking music classes at school will learn to play the recorder at some point. Keep them engaged and loving to practice at home by giving them a “Frozen” music book for recorder!

7. Water Flutes


Recommended for ages 3 years and up. Make bath time more fun and encourage your child’s musical talents with these great water flutes!

8. Keyboard Mat


Great for any age child or adult! Help your kids get their groove on with this floor piano mat. Heart and Soul or Chopsticks duets, anyone?

9. Sing it Back Karaoke Card Game



Fun for the whole family – a game where one teammate reads off a song lyric and a partner has to sing the rest!

10. A trip to Tiny Tots with your favorite little one!


Tiny Tots gets children truly “inside the orchestra” by seating the audience on the floor and surrounding them with our 30+ piece professional orchestra. The program is designed for children 6 and is 45 minutes long. Learn more, check out our Winter 2018 Tiny Tots schedule, and sign up here: insidetheorchestra.org/tiny-tots-events/