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You see exactly when it “clicks.” When a little boy, who has never seen a brass instrument before, races across the room to get a closer look at the trombone. When a young girl stands staring, mesmerized by the cellist. When a row of children listen to the music swelling around them with dropped jaws. You can see the moment that will change a child forever.

It only takes a moment –

    • To “wow” a child. “My 2-year old’s mind was blown, I have never seen her participate or clap at any sort of story time or group activity we have brought her to. She was smiling, clapping and inquisitive throughout the whole program. I was moved to tears. Thank you thank you thank you!” – Full Scholarship Recipient, Fall 2017


    • To delight a family. “My boys have talked about the experience all day long…It was so fun to watch them experience the music and watch the different instruments, especially one of my triplets who was absolutely mesmerized by the drums!” – Scholarship Recipient, Fall 2017


    • To bring beauty to a school. “Cultural beauty of this magnitude is not necessarily afforded to our students. It was a heartwarming and joyful experience to see the eyes and smiles of our children add to the beauty. Beethoven, Mozart and Prokofiev are smiling!” – Fall 2017 School Program


  • To make a lasting impact. “Our students were mesmerized by your polished performance. Your musical selections represented diverse cultures and styles. Even the staff members couldn’t stop talking about your presentation at lunch. Your organization is a valuable part of our community!” – Spring 2017 School Program

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It only takes one musical moment to change a life. You can make that moment happen.

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