Rhythm Words

Music Salad!


  1. Say the name of each fruit and vegetable out loud. Clap out each syllable. For example, “beet” gets one clap, “lettuce” has two, and “watermelon” has four.
  2. Once you’ve practiced each word through, point to an image and have your students say and clap it. As soon as they finish that rhythm, point to another.
  3. Have your students draw out fruit and veggie patterns and then perform their rhythms for you, the class, or in small groups. They’ll be composing the yummiest music salad you’ve ever heard.

Going Further:

Engage in these activities in the classroom or send them home for students to complete at home.

  • Find other objects around your classroom to turn into rhythm words. Line them up in a row and say and clap their names and rhythm. For example, you could line up: Desk – Crayon – Pencil Case- Marker. Let your students get creative with the items they pick.
  • For a more advanced version for older children or those with previous musical knowledge, flip those steps around: give them a rhythm pattern and send them on a scavenger hunt to find items that match.
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