Opera for Kids: Opera Conducting, Puzzle, Mad Libs, & Music

About Opera Conducting

Opera Puzzle

Conductor Steven explains that one of the main differences between conducting an orchestra and conducting an opera is all the different parts that have to come together in a performance. This puzzle is a fun way to visualize many of the things that have to join perfectly in order to make the whole opera production.

  1. Print out your puzzle here.
  2. Cut along the gray lines.
  3. Put your opera parts together to make your whole opera puzzle.

Tip: We suggest printing your puzzle onto cardstock or gluing it to cardboard before cutting to make it more sturdy.

Dramatic Opera Mad Libs

Opera is a story that is sung. But, for an opera, not just any old story will do. Opera’s are dramatic! Characters go on wild adventures, experience unexpected twists and turns, fall in love, and more. Create your own dramatic (and silly) story using this opera mad libs template.

  1. Print out the opera mad libs sheets here.
  2. Use the second page of that document to help you come up with the words you’ll be filling into the story. Get as creative as you can! Try using the word sheet before looking at the story so that you’re answers aren’t influenced at all.
  3. Fill the words you chose into the story and read it.
  4. Finish your story with what you think happened!

Going Further

  • Sing your story loudly in your best dramatic opera voice.
  • Think about:
    • What costumes would your character wear?
    • What would your set look like?
    • What instrument could play the theme music for each character?

Central City Opera Learning Resources

If you’ve joined us at Tiny Tots, you’ve likely seen one of the amazing Central City Opera touring artists perform with us. They are a great resource for opera and opera education for adults and children of all ages. On the at-home resources page on their website, you can choose to learn, watch, listen, and play with opera music and the arts.

We love the learn section, which features great activities like “Opera Up Close” lesson plans, facts all about opera, “Yoga and the Voice” videos, and more!


Arias, overtures, and more from well-loved operas.

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