In-Person School Programming 22-23

In-Person Programming for Metro Denver Schools

The repertoire and approach to learning that Inside the Orchestra maintains are designed to support and enhance the school curricula. All of our programming is interactive and carefully designed for the age and stage of your students.

Field Trips

Multiple field trip options available to take part in the Inside the Story programs and/or join us for Tiny Tots: Orchestra Adventure! Field trips include large-scale immersive, interactive concerts, resource guides for the classroom, meet and greet time with performers, and added activities depending on the program/date.

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Single Educator Sessions

A single musician or music educator will come into your classroom for hands-on sessions. Adaptable to your specific classroom needs, sessions include topics such as:

  • Art parties: Students will be guided to create their own art inspired by short performances from a musician. This program is all about expression and creativity.
  • Science of Sound: In this program, students will learn what sound is, how sound is created, and the science behind what brings music to our ears. Students will learn how each family of instruments in the orchestra makes their sound and then they’ll get hands-on with an instrument petting zoo.
  • Instrument Petting Zoo: After a short introduction to each instrument family, students will have time to get hands-on and explore a variety of instruments from around the orchestra.  We can bring our instrument petting zoo to individual classrooms or school wide activity days!

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Trio Performances – For Younger Learners

These are 20-25 minute performances, great for kids in 1st grade and younger are designed to get kids moving, listening, dancing, and pretending along with a trio of musicians. Led by a musician who introduces each piece of music, these programs are a great way for kids to experience live music safely and in new and fun ways.

Schools often schedule these performances during classrooms’ regularly scheduled recess times – they offer a great musical break combined with a lot of movement-based activities.

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Quintet Performances – For Kindergarten Through 6th Grade

Students will interact with musicians as they are guided to move and react to the music, answer questions and prompts about what they’re hearing, and think creatively and critically about the composers and the music. There are three program themes available:

  • Introduction to the Orchestra – Students will learn about the families of the orchestra, basic music terminology like tempo and dynamics, and even get the chance to become the percussion section at the end of the program.
  • Science of Sound – What is sound and how is it made by the instruments in the orchestra? Explore this question and more as students are led through musical experiments and enjoy fun and exciting performances.
  • Musical Storytelling – By the end of the performance, students will have learned how music can tell a story, will be able to identify what tools a composer can use to create music that portrays specific feelings and emotions, and will have arranged their own musical story

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Immersive Orchestra Assemblies – For Kindergarten through 8th Grade

A 14-16 piece professional orchestra experience for K-8th grade. The audience is seated on the floor and surrounded by professional musicians. The conductor faces the students and engages them throughout the performance, asking questions and teaching them about the music as it is playing around them. Students are treated to up-close-and-personal demos by the strings, woodwinds, horns, and percussion. Scripting is designed to not only introduce musical concepts but to tie to the curriculum that children are studying in other subjects. Available in English as well as Bilingual English-Spanish formats.

The large-scale assemblies have high demand and limited availability each year. Schools are selected based on grant funding and Inside the Orchestra scheduling availability and priority. Contact info@insidetheorchestra.org to be placed on the wait list for this program.

Additional Resources

We have a variety of free resources for schools including online musical games and our free virtual resource hub with a year-long curriculum and adaptable online and hands-on activities for your classroom.

Questions? Contact us at info@insidetheorchestra.org

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