Ocean Folklore, Feminine Sounds of France To Celebrate Women’s History Month

Ocean Folklore, Feminine Sounds of France To Celebrate Women’s History Month

We’re bringing folklore right to your living room with visions of mythical mermaids, mermen, and water-play summoned by French Composer, Vocalist, Pianist, and Performer, Cécile Chaminade’s (1857–1944) L’Ondine. A song of ocean life and graceful movements through the water, L’Ondine is playfully produced by whimsical woodwind sounds of the Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon. 

Making a splash in Europe and the U.S., Chaminade published more than 400 pieces channeling the chic, elegant, and romantic sounds of France. As a young child, though she showed promising talent in composition, Chaminade’s parents outsourced her training to private professors, instead of enrolling her at the Paris Conservatory – a prestigious college of music and dance. 

Her music’s feminine qualities fell out of favoritism in her later life, when she was criticized for lacking a proper musical education. Today, Chaminade is recognized as an independent woman who worked through adversity to perfect her craft.

During Women’s History Month, we’re honoring the feminine influences of orchestra through recognition of noteworthy composers, musicians, and educators. At Inside the Orchestra, we believe the Orchestra is a place for everyone, no matter their gender, race, or religious beliefs. For more educational content celebrating notable female composers, musicians, and educators for your personal knowledge, school, or classroom, or to learn about Inside the Orchestra’s in-person programming for metro Denver schools, visit www.insidetheorchestra.org

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