Bravery Crown Activity

Bravery Crown Activity

From the Activity Guide: Inside the Story – The Someone New

  1. Take a piece of construction paper (or any paper!) and measure to make sure it fits around your head—if you need to tape or glue a couple of pieces of paper together so that it fits, that’s great!
  2. Lay the paper flat on the table, cut the top into any pattern you’d like and decorate it with crayons, markers, stickers, ANYTHING!  We wrote words and statements that make us feel strong and brave on ours, as well as decorating it.
  3. Whenever you feel nervous or upset, you can put your crown on and be reminded that you can always practice being brave, even when you’re feeling scared.

Bravery Playlist

Listen to this playlist to pep you up when you need a little help feeling brave.

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