Creative Instruments Audio Playlist

Creative Instruments

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From the Activity Guide: Professional vs. DIY

Listen for the following instruments in these songs:

  • The Typewriter – I think it’s pretty clear what you’re listening for here!
  • Toy Symphony – This piece uses many different toys and noisemakers throughout.
  • Anvil Chorus – That metal banging sound you hear throughout the end of this piece? Those are people actually hammering metal anvils, just like blacksmiths use.
  • Piano Concerto, Khatchaturian – At about 2:40 into this piece, listen for the flexatone, a crazy metal percussion instrument rarely used in orchestra music.
  • Pines of Rome: The Pines of the Janiculum – At the end of this piece you’ll hear pre-recorded bird sounds.
  • Finale from 1812 Overture – The end of this piece uses actual cannons!

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