Duets: Communication Activity

Communication Activity

From the Activity Guide: Duets – Musical Teamwork for Two

What is a Duet?

A duet is a piece of music performed by two people. It doesn’t matter what instruments they’re playing (or voice part they’re singing) – the most important thing is that the music features exactly two people. Duets are like a conversation between two people. You have to pay attention to each other and react and respond to what the other person is doing musically in order to stay together.

Communication Activity

For Preschool and Elementary Age

You can work on the effective communication skills needed to play duets without ever having to pick up an instrument! Try out this fun blindfolded cooperative obstacle course from What Can We Do with Paper and Glue to encourage communication between your children.

  1. Designate one child as the leader to start. You can either set-up the obstacle course yourself and then guide the leader through it before they begin or have your child set up the course themselves.
  2. They must then lead a partner who is blindfolded through the obstacle course using clearly communicated directions. Younger children can hold the hand of their partner and older children can be encouraged to be entirely hands-off.
  3. Going Further: Kids can take turns being the leader or the follower, change up the course, time it to see how fast they can get through, and more.
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