Musical Activities for Different Moods: Anxiety

Musical Activities for When You’re Feeling Anxious

From the Activity Guide: Music & Activities for Different Moods

This playlist has delicate, calming music to give your mind something to focus on when you feel anxious.

Activities for Anxiousness

Mindfulness for Kids

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for anxiety management. It is the action of being present and in-the-moment, noticing and feeling the things happening around and inside of you and accepting them for what they are before finding ways to calm yourself and move on. Mindfulness practices are equally as effective for kids as they are for adults in managing anxiety and other negative feelings.

This post contains great mindfulness exercises for kids including a guided “body scan” that will help them feel present and remove tension from their bodies.

Guided Breathing

Children literally don’t have the same capacity for emotional regulation as adults- their brains are still physically developing the capability for self-regulation. Whether it’s from anxiety or any other big emotions, it’s important to help a child breathe deeply and calm down their bodies when they are in an emotional state before they can tackle their feelings or whatever challenging situation they are in.

This triangle breathing animation is a great tool to give your little one(s), and yourself, something to focus on as you take deep breaths to calm your body.

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