Musical Activities for Different Moods: Boredom

Musical Activities for When You’re Feeling Bored

From the Activity Guide: Music & Activities for Different Moods

Listen to some of our favorite musical boredom busters. The music is full of interesting moments and virtuosic playing.

Activities for Boredom

Boredom Jar

Preschool and Older – Tired of hearing “Hey, I’m bored” from your kids? Take some time with them and create a boredom jar. Fill it with ideas for fun things they can do when they feel bored, chores that have to get done, and more. When they’re feeling bored, they can go over and grab an idea stick and be in charge of getting rid of their own boredom. Don’t have those materials? Write your activities on slips of paper and throw them into a small bag.

Fun Multi-Step Activities for Boredom

Here are some of our favorite fun and time-consuming activities.

Preschool and Elementary School Age – Nature Art

Have your child go outside and collect neat small items they find in your backyard or near where you live. When they’ve gathered their items, they can come back inside and turn them into nature collage art. They can glue their items to paper to become a permanent piece of art or just place them on paper so that they can create multiple pieces (and then the nature items can go back outdoors when they’re done.

Elementary and Middle School Age – Restaurant at Home

Challenge your child(ren) to design a full restaurant at home. Encourage them to design a menu of food they can cook entirely on their own. Have them design and create everything they’d find in a restaurant including:

  • Choosing the meal they’re going to cook
  • Writing out a menu
  • Setting the table and choosing music to create the vibe they’re going for
  • Cooking the food
  • Taking food and drink orders and then serving the food

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