Musical Activities for Different Moods: Tired

Musical Activities for When You’re Feeling Tired

From the Activity Guide: Music & Activities for Different Moods

Feeling exhausted? We’ve got a great playlist for you! Check out these 5 musical gems to encourage relaxation and sleep, whether you play them at bedtime or just during a moment of afternoon quiet.

Activities for When You’re Tired

As you listen to the music, encourage your kids to engage in relaxing, quiet activities like:
  • Babies and toddlers: Sensory exploration with soft objects in a bin. Really, just grab some soft things from around your house like cotton balls, fuzzy socks, small stuffed animals, washcloths, and throw them into a bin for your little one.
  • Preschool and Early Elementary Age: Fine motor activities like these are great quiet-time activities for kids.
  • Middle School Age and Older: Print off some intricate coloring pages from this site. Bonus, coloring pages are also a great tool to help calm and focus your mind when you’re feeling anxious.

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