Kahe Chede Mohe

Musical Storytelling and Kathak Dance

During the Kahe Chede Mohe performance below, our orchestra is joined by Deepali Lindblom, a dancer performing the Kathak style of dance. Kathak is one of the seven Indian classical dances. It originated as a form of storytelling and through centuries became more refined and complex in technique and storytelling.

The piece you are about to see tells the story of a woman named Radha, who is going about her errands. She is intercepted by a man named Krishna, who showers Radha with attention and love and wins over her heart. Mesmerized, Radha throws caution to the wind and dances joyfully, as though reaching for the sky.

  1. As you listen, follow along with the music and dance to see and hear the story progress.
  2. Break the piece down into its three sections:
    • Radha is going about her errands, minding her own business
    • She is intercepted by Krishna who works to get Radha to fall in love with him. They have conversations back and forth.
    • Radha, now in love, dances joyfully
  3. Ask yourself:
    • What changes in the music to portray these distinct parts of the story?
    • How does the dance change to tell this story?
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