Help Your Family, Help Yourself


As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. This is especially true for parents. Practicing self-care and taking some time for off from parenting—for a few hours or even just for a few minutes—can go a long way toward improving your physical and mental health. It might sound selfish, but it’s not. You’ll feel a lot better after spending some time away from your kids and doing something adult (that’s not adulating). And when you’re happier, your family will be much happier, too.

If you’re in need of a night off, but aren’t sure what to do, then we encourage you to attend the Inside the Orchestra for Adults event on Thursday, April 6. It’s going to be an amazing, unforgettable night out, especially for parents, and here’s why:

It’s Fun

Inside the Orchestra for Adults is the one night of the year that grownups get to experience what our children do every day: the joy of being a kid. This year, we’re reclaiming playtime and encouraging guests to have fun and let out their inner child, while still enjoying an elegant, classy night out. There will be activities, games of chance, and surprises of all kinds sure to take you back to your childhood. And if the games don’t make you feel nostalgic, then the food definitely will. You’ll love our sophisticated, grownup takes on some of our favorite childhood classics. You’re going to want to eat your vegetables this time around! Plus, who could say no to adult root beer floats, a build-your-own tater tot bar, and s’mores?

It’s Affordable

Date nights are often a rare and precious thing for parents, so when you do get a night off, we understand that you want to make it count. Inside the Orchestra for Adults is actually a great value when you look at everything included with your ticket: catered cuisine, adult beverages, desserts, and a professional orchestra concert, not to mention real adult conversation and a chance to goof off and play games, all in one night. Tickets are just $75 each or $140 for two, which is certainly less than dinner, unlimited drinks, and a concert anywhere else in town.

You can also get some really great deals in the silent and live auctions, from restaurant gift cards to spa/massage packages to movie and concert tickets to hotel stays, and hundreds of other items that would make for an awesome date night, a romantic getaway, a fun afternoon out with the girls/guys, or blissful, restorative “me time” all to yourself.

It’s for a Good Cause

Inside the Orchestra for Adults is an awesome, fun party, but it’s also a fundraiser. All of the proceeds from the event go toward helping Inside the Orchestra bring its incredible, one-of-a-kind music education programs to low-income, high-need kids in our community, many of whom would never experience live orchestra music otherwise. Studies show that doing good makes you feel good, so you can enjoy yourself even more knowing your money is going toward an amazing and worthwhile cause.

Come join us for a kid-free evening of dinner, drinks, dessert, games, adult conversation, philanthropy, and an orchestra concert. Your kids will benefit from a recharged, happier you, and the kids of Colorado will benefit from your generous support. I can’t think of a better way to refill your cup, can you?

We hope to see you there!

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