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Finger Pumpkins

This activity is quick, easy, and mess-free! Ages: 3-8 You’ll need 10 orange pipecleaners (6-10 inches long) and 10 pieces of green pipecleaner cut to about 2 inches long. Skills: fine motor skills, color sorting, scissor skills, counting, and of course singing! Your little one can assist you with selecting the correct colors, cutting the

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The Golden Record

In 1977, two identical spacecraft called Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched carrying two identical phonograph records. The records contained music and sounds that represented cultures and life from across the globe, just in case the probes ever came across alien life! Voyager 1 is currently the farthest manmade object from earth. It hasn’t

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Paper Plate Moon

We’re getting ready for Tiny Tots: Outer Space, so we have space on the brain! Let’s make a paper plate moon. This craft takes less than 5 minutes and costs less than $5! You’ll need: a paper plate, cotton balls (or pompoms), and washable paint in white and black. Optional: string and tape OR dark

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