Pick the Parts – Mozart Edition

Get ready to hear Mozart’s famous Rondo alla Turca like you’ve never heard it before!

About Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Fast Facts:

  • He is one of the best-known classical music composers.
  • He was born in 1756 and if he were still alive today, he would be 264 years old!
  • He came from a musical family and was already famous as a child for his skills as a keyboard player and composer.
  • You may already know some of his music, like Fur Elise, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, or his Piano Concert no. 21.

About the Music: Rondo all Turca

Rondo alla Turca is from Mozart’s Piano Sonata no. 11. Although originally composed for piano, it has been orchestrated, or rewritten, for many different groups of instruments. It is one of his best-known pieces and has inspired many new versions as well like this fun jazzy-take take.

Interactive Activity: Pick the Parts!

To help kids understand how musicians work alone and as a team, we have an interactive activity with some of our wonderful musicians playing from home at your command!

  • You can turn the sound and videos of each musician on and off by clicking on them.
  • Listen to what parts different instruments play and how they work together.
  • Try as many combos as you like!

NOTE ON TECHNOLOGY: Please use Google Chrome for this activity. Since Apple will only allow one video to play at a time on an Apple device, visit this page from a non-Apple device to do the interactive activity. If you are on an Apple device, you’ll still have access to the full performance video.

Once you’ve played around with the parts, watch the full performance here:

Activity Sheets

Mozart was a master of the orchestra and you can be too as you explore the orchestra through activities. Want to teach young children about Mozart’s life, including his childhood years? Check out this list of children’s books all about Mozart.

Listen to the playlist below and draw your own picture with our printable worksheet, or scrap paper from home.

Get coloring and learning with this free printable orchestra coloring book.

Read about Mozart here and then do the word searches all about Mozart. The words in the search are from the bio!

Mozart Madness Playlist

Rondo alla Turca is only one of more than 600 pieces that Mozart wrote in his lifetime! Check out some of his other music in this all-Mozart playlist.

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