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The History of Inside the Orchestra

Guild Women 1

Junior Symphony Guild women in 1983.


Inside the Orchestra, formerly known as the Junior Symphony Guild (JSG), is celebrating a rich history of 59 years dedicated to supporting and providing music education in Colorado. The Guild was established in 1958 by a group of “junior” (40 and under) aged women whose original mission was to support classical and symphonic music programs in the Denver metropolitan community. The JSG broadened the overall Guild agenda, originating the Tiny Tots program and introducing the Designer Showhouse in 1975. In 1979, the Junior Symphony Guild became an autonomous, independent organization of its own, and in 1983 applied for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. In the1980s, the women of the Guild recognized a need for vibrant educational programs to introduce young children to orchestral music, and a need to provide a diverse set of students and families with the opportunity for exposure to orchestra music in a way they would not receive otherwise. With children in mind, unique and interactive school programs were designed to engage kids in a way that would plant the seeds for a life-long appreciation of music and augment the music education provided within the educational system.

In 2012, Inside the Orchestra legally changed its name from Junior Symphony Guild. This change was intended to clear up any confusion about a connection between Inside the Orchestra and the current Colorado Symphony Orchestra (they are separate entities) and to clarify the focus of our programs.






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