March Showers Bring Spring Flowers and Sounds by Louise Farrenc

As spring settles in, snow begins to melt, and seasonal rain collects in riverbeds and on sidewalks, the Flute, Violin, Viola, and Cello harmonize to deliver the sounds of French Composer, Virtuoso Pianist, Teacher, and Equality Crusader, Louise Farrenc’s (1804-1875) Trio. Grab your rain boots and swim gear as we pretend to wade through a river, swim in a lake, and splash in a puddle made by the morning rain. 

Farrenc’s life legacy was destined from a young age. Surrounded by artists of all varieties – sculptors, pianists, and others, she studied at the acclaimed Paris Conservatory and became one of the greatest piano professors in Europe, as well as the only female-appointed professor to the Conservatory within the 19th century. Throughout her 71-years, Farrenc battled for equality and equal pay for females.

As Women’s History Month continues, we honor the legacies and musical gifts of female composers, musicians, and educators. At Inside the Orchestra, we believe the Orchestra is a place for everyone, no matter their gender, race, or religious beliefs. For more educational content celebrating notable females for your personal knowledge, school, or classroom, or to learn about Inside the Orchestra’s in-person programming for metro Denver schools, visit

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