Activity Book Answer Key

Activity Book Answer Key

1)      TRIVIA: What famous composer is named Leopold?

Do you know how you learn from your parents, or grandparents, or teachers – or all of the above? Well, Leopold Mozart was a famous German composer, conductor, teacher and violinist. He is best known today as the father and teacher of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the most famous composers of all time!

And where did our conductor Leo get his name? Well, from Leopold Stokowski, who conducted the orchestra for Disney’s Fantasia!

Bonus: what is the difference between a conductor and a composer? A composer writes music, where as a conductor leads an orchestra.

2)      TRIVIA: Do you remember what the drums that were played at Inside the Orchestra were called?

There are two possible answers to this question! These are called the timpani and also the kettle drums. Check out kettle drums in this video:

3)      TRIVIA: Do you remember what an orchestra solo is called?

A solo performed with an orchestra is called a concerto. Check out these concertos with Inside the Orchestra:

4)      TRIVIA: What is this? (Connect the dots)

This is a treble clef.

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