DIY Trumpet & Trombone

Make Your Own Instruments

Check out a few trumpet and trombone-inspired DIY instruments. Have students gather supplies and make their own instruments in class – or ask them to make them at home.


Soda Bottle Trumpet

We love this DIY trumpet from the New York Philharmonic because it uses materials you probably already have laying around and it really works! When you play into the soda bottle mouthpiece, you’ll need to buzz your lips as this video teaches in order to make a sound.

1. You may want to prep or have students prep this step at home ahead of time: Using the sharp knife, carefully cut off the spout of the soda bottle. You want the cut part of the bottle to match up to be slightly larger than the width of the cardboard tube. This will be your mouthpiece.

2. Tape the mouthpiece to the cardboard tube as shown

3. Form the construction paper into a funnel shape. The smallest part of the funnel should be able to fit over the non-mouthpiece end of the cardboard tube. Tape the construction paper so that the funnel keeps its shape.

4. Tape the funnel to the tube

Trumpet-Inspired Instrument

For another take on the trumpet, check out this trumpet-inspired DIY instrument. It’s technically a woodwind instrument because the straw acts as a double reed in order to make the sound, but we love how simple it is to make.

Hose and Funnel Trumpet

Check out Elisa and her hose trumpet that uses just 3 materials that students may already have at home.


Balloon Trombone – Great for Older Children

This balloon trombone from Instructables is a great DIY for older children to work on with a teacher or other adult.

Play Along

Once you’ve gathered and assembled your DIY instruments, you can make music too. Here are fun ways to play:

  • Call and response: Have one member of your class play a rhythm or an improvised “melody” on one of the instruments and ask the other students repeat it.
  • Bring your instruments on a classroom parade outside.
  • Break the class into sections and have them play their instruments in rounds.
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