Family Concerts

Inside the Orchestra for Families


Inside the Orchestra for Families is an engaging 45-minute performance created to get families and children of all ages “inside the orchestra”. Using a 14-16 piece orchestra, the family concerts incorporate components of our school and Tiny Tots programs, to introduce the family and the community to the world of Inside the Orchestra.

Our program is an experience like no other – families get to discover what it is to be truly inside the orchestra as they are seated on the floor and surrounded by our professional musicians. By incorporating contemporary music, we teach children that orchestral music is all around them and part of their everyday lives. By introducing classical music, we help them explore music they might never have heard before. By encouraging them to interact directly with the conductor and the musicians we show them that music is designed to be explored and enjoyed. Through partnerships with Central City Opera and Hannah Kahn Dance Company, we feature professional opera singers and professional dancers in every program.

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