Folk Dances Around the World

Folk Dances Around the World

Watch and Listen

First, listen to some of the dance music performed in Tiny Tots: Music of the World.

Ah Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser – Canada

Romanian Folk Dances – Romania

The Peat Dance – Denmark


During or after listening, talk about the music with your child(ren). Some great questions to start with:

  • Did you have a favorite piece of music?
  • Were any of the pieces very different from the others?
  • What similarities or differences did each piece have from the others?
  • Is the music fast or slow? Happy or sad sounding? Smooth or bouncy?
  • Which piece made you want to dance the most?


Now, experiment with different dance styles to match the different characteristics of each piece. As you listen to each piece:

  • Have children move their bodies in different ways based on how the music feels to them.
  • Does the music change throughout the piece in a way that makes you move your body differently as you listen?
  • Play around: Can you dance using only your legs? Only moving your arms? Without smiling?
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