Inside the Orchestra Homeschool Program

Inside the Orchestra for Homeschool Families

About the Program

Inside the Orchestra for Schools is an interactive 50-minute program geared toward students in K-8th grade. The audience is seated on the floor and surrounded by professional musicians. This program features 14-16 professional musicians, a modern dancer from Hannah Kahn Dance, and an opera singer from Central City Opera. The conductor faces the students and engages them throughout the performance, asking questions and teaching them about the music as it is playing around them. Students are treated to up-close-and-personal demos by the strings, woodwinds, horns and percussion. Scripting is designed to not only introduce musical concepts but to tie to curriculum that children are studying in other subjects. The conductor introduces key elements of symphonic music such as transitions, orchestral “color”, and identifying the emotional quality of different types of music. In addition, one child is given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to conduct the orchestra. By doing so, the student and audience quickly learn the cause and effect between conductor and musician.

Ticketing Information

When we visit schools, each classroom sits in the center of the orchestra with their teacher- this means that the vast majority of the audience is students. In order to maintain the integrity of the experience for your children, we encourage only students in k-8th grade to sit in the center. Each family is allowed one chair outside of the performance space for an adult chaperone (plus a child that can sit on your lap). If you are uncomfortable with this, we can make an exception and you can sit with your children. For any additional adults, or if you plan on bringing multiple younger children, we will have a space set-up immediately next to the performance room for you to wait during the performance.

Anyone who chooses to sit inside the circle, children and adults, will need to purchase a ticket.

A limited number of need-based scholarship tickets are available. For more information, send an email to

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