Inside the Orchestra School Confirmation

Inside the Orchestra School Confirmation

Confirmation Instructions

To ensure that your school has the best possible experience with our programs, please make certain that you are able to provide the following for the Inside the Orchestra programs:

  • A gym or multi-purpose room – big enough for 300 children seated on the floor surrounded by a 15-piece orchestra
  • A sound system with microphone
  • 16 chairs for the musicians
  • Piano (recently tuned is preferable) and sturdy bench; no electric keyboards

Additionally, please make certain:

  • The performance space is available at least 45 minutes prior to the performance time for set-up
  • To let your colleagues know about the assembly so all of your students can participate
  • No other field trips are scheduled the day Inside the Orchestra visits your school
  • No bells, announcements or fire drills are scheduled during the assemblies

Complete the CONFIRMATION FORM below as soon as possible in order to confirm your scheduled time. After submitting your confirmation form, you will receive the following teaching materials:

  • Inside the Orchestra Program Guide – enhanced content to complement our Inside the Orchestra performance
  • Inside the Orchestra – enhanced content for Inside the Conductor’s Head
  • Lesson Plans – optional and additional content for your classroom

You will also receive an Inside the Orchestra Program Evaluation. Following the performance, please fill this out on paper or online – your thoughts about our program are important to us and our funders.

You may also find these materials on our website.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with your students.