Supplementary Lesson Plan Materials – #1

 Instrument Flash Cards

There are two sets attached below – one with the name of each instrument below the image and one with the name of the instrument family below the image. Print out one or both sets to use in many different ways. Examples of activities are listed with each set.

Flashcards with Instrument Names

  • Print out two sets for your classroom game area and show the students how to use them to play concentration.
  • Print out multiple sets and use them to play ‘Go fish’.
  • Once students learn the instrument families, use these as flashcards to quiz them on instrument families. Ask them to group the instruments into their families.
  • Use them to set up an orchestra – have students place them on the table in a typical orchestra configuration.

Flashcards with Family Names

  • Use these as flash cards to quiz students on instrument names. This can be done individually, in groups, or even as a whole class.
  • Print our multiple sets for concentration or Go Fish as described above.

Instrument Sound Samples

Play them through for your students and have them try to identify the instruments they are hearing.






Piano and French Horn:

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