DIY Percussion Activities

DIY Percussion Activities

These DIYs are a great, low-cost ways to bring more percussion learning into your classroom or for students to create at home when they do not otherwise have instruments for at-home practice.

Make Your Own Shekere

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A shekere is a traditional African instrument, usually made out of a dried gourd. Watch this video to learn more about the shekere.

Follow this great tutorial to make your own shekere with some easy-to-find materials: an empty drink bottle or jug, strings, and beads. It’s a great multi-disciplinary art project that will have your kid(s) working on fine motor skills, arts and crafts techniques, and multicultural understanding.

Duct Tape Percussion Practice

This fun duct tape marimba, makes for a great practice instrument for students who do not have access to their own instruments, either at-home or at school. You can also encourage percussion-learners to tape out a small rectangle onto a practice drum pad or other hard surface around their house (or your classroom) to help them practice their snare drum technique.

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