Dancing Sugar

Dancing Sugar STEAM Activity

This blog post from My Mundane & Miraculous Life contains two simple science experiments to help kids explore sound. We love the first experiment that makes sugar dance!

Sound Wave Visualization with Dancing Sugar

  1. Cover a bowl tightly with plastic wrap or pull a balloon tightly over the opening. You may want to tape the sides to keep it in place.
  2. Put a small scoop of sugar on top of the plastic wrap/balloon.
  3. Have your students put their face near the bowl and have them hum or yell somewhat loudly. Watch as the sugar shakes!
  4. Experiment with different types of sounds: combinations of loud or quiet and high or low. See if the sugar reacts differently.
  5. Explain to your students that this is because the sound is vibrations. The vibrations from their voice are shaking the plastic wrap and making the sugar jump around.
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