Sneaky Statues Theatre Games

Sneaky Statues Theatre Games

From the Activity Guide:  Theatre Games for All Ages

  • Age Range: Preschool Through Middle School Age
  • Where to Play: Anywhere with room to move around
  • Number of People: Two or more

How to play:

One person is the museum caretaker getting ready to close up for the night.  They walk into their favorite room in the museum and there is their favorite statue, but every time they turn around the statue manages to move without their knowing it!  The statue’s job is to move so quietly that they don’t get caught, the caretaker’s job is to try and catch them at it. Take turns with who is the caretaker and who is the statue.

Going Further:

  • Pick a theme for the room the statue is in. For example, decide you’re in the animal room so the statue must always freeze in an animal pose, the dance room so they must freeze in a dancer’s pose, etc. 
  • Add music to make it more challenging for the caretaker because they can’t hear the statue moving!

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