Program Music Playlist

Program Music

You can use the activity prompts combined with this playlist to take their musical storytelling even further.

  • Summer from The Four Seasons: Listen to the string orchestra depicting the frenzy of a summer thunderstorm.
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Most of us know this famous story from the cartoon Fantasia. A sorcerer’s apprentice creates a bunch of trouble and mayhem when the sorcerer is gone.
  • On the Trail from The Grand Canyon Suite: Listen to the braying donkeys and the clip clop of hooves as a donkey takes you on a scenic tour of the Grand Canyon.
  • Storm at Sea from Scheherezade: During this excerpt, listen as a wealthy prince’s giant ship encounters a storm on the open ocean.
  • The Swan from Carnival of the Animals: You can hear the graceful swan floating gently across the pond during this serene piece.
  • Storm from Overture to William Tell: Listen as the rain gets heavier and heavier until the thunderstorm is directly overhead. You’ll then hear the storm move on and get further away.
  • Die Forelle: This aria tells the story of a fisherman on the banks of the stream trying to catch the fish. Do you think he catches it?

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