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Composer Cards

Inside the Orchestra’s Composer Cards share the wonderful and diverse world of composers with learners, young and old. Featuring 25 original hand-painted portraits and short bios about each composer.

You’ll learn important and interesting facts about influential composers from around the world, and get a truly diverse view of the music-makers and influencers who have shaped what we listen to today.  Highlighted artists range from 1,000 years ago to present-day composers. 

When you buy a set of composer cards, get the physical card set mailed to you as well as online platform that includes:

  • An electronic version of each card
  • Music samples for each composer.
  • Additional biographical information.
  • Hands-on activities to help dive deeper into the lives of these important musicians.

Purchase the composer cards and virtual platform for your classroom.

Orchestra Flashcards

Bring the orchestra home with you! The flashcards feature real images of the all the instruments in a full orchestra – from the piccolo down to the bass. You can practice the names of the instruments and learn what orchestra family they belong to as you explore the cards.

Plus, if you bring them to Tiny Tots or use them along with the virtual Tiny Tots programming, the flash card colors match the colors of the shirts worn by the musicians in the corresponding instrument family. A great, simple way to expand learning for the kiddos in your life.

Purchase the orchestra flashcards for your classroom.

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