Sleigh Bell Fun

Sleigh Bell Fun – Jingle Jingle!

Jingle Bell STEM Activities

These first three activities blend holiday fun with STEM learning.

Dancing Bells

Try your hand at a simple science experiment from Modern Preschool that uses just a few supplies: a clear glass, jingle bells, and room temperature soda. This experiment is a great way for young learners to start engaging in the scientific process. They will get to learn about floating, sinking, and water density all in one active package. Experiment further by using larger or smaller jingle bells, changing the liquid in the cup, and more.

Holiday Magnets

This engineering activity from And Next Comes L is a festive way to use any magnetic building sets you might have in your home or school. Using magnetic blocks like Magna-tiles or Magformers, create your own Christmas tree and decorate it with magnetic jingle bells. Take the creativity further by building a jingling sleigh or your own sleigh bell instrument. No magnetic building sets at home? No problem! Grab a magnet from your fridge and take a few minutes to explore your house to find things that are more or less magnetic than the jingle bells.

Bell Maze

Use Legos or another building set to create your own jingle bell maze like this one from Edu-Go. If you don’t have connectable blocks like Legos, you can also build a jingle bell maze with materials like carboard box lids and straws (activity from Therapy Fun Zone).

Jingle Bell Musical Fun and Games

Now for a couple of seasonal activities that are just for fun.

Make Music

Create your own sleigh bell instrument to play while you watch the virtual Tiny Tots performance or whenever suits your mood! This tutorial is great fine-motor practice for young ones as they string jingle bells onto pipe cleaners and wrap them around a popsicle stick (or, really, any small stick will work). Once you’re done, play your sleigh bell shakers along with any holiday piece – you’d be surprised at how many have a part for sleigh bells!

Bell Toss

This Jingle bell toss from Playground Parkbench is a great way to have fun with your family during the holiday season – there are so many ways to play! Kids will work on their hand-eye coordination, counting, and more as you have fun tossing jingle bells and listening to them bounce around.

Sleigh Bell Playlist

Listen to this mini-playlist of some of our favorite holiday orchestra music featuring sleigh bells.

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