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Orchestra Music in Schools and Theaters Throughout Denver

Inside the Orchestra provides many opportunities for individuals throughout Denver, Colorado, to volunteer their time or resources to better the community. For more than 50 years, we have been bringing the orchestra to children, improving not only their educational skills, but allowing them to experience classical music in a once in a lifetime way.

Contact our Colorado Orchestra to learn how our nonprofit organization helps the community. We will explain what you can do to benefit those in need as well.

Volunteer, Donate or Sponsor an Event for Inside the Orchestra

By placing children inside the Orchestra, we are able to expose them directly to classical music in a way that is both entertaining and engaging for them. If you wish to play a beneficial part in a child’s life, feel free to contribute in any of the following ways:

You may also learn about the things we do for the community and help us to continue our mission to spread classical music and the arts to underprivileged children throughout Colorado.

Contact our Denver Orchestra Group to Learn More About How You Can Help

If you have questions regarding how you can help children throughout Denver through Inside the Orchestra, contact us online today.

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