Tempo Activities

All About Tempo

Tempo is the speed of music – how fast or slow the music is. Let’s learn about tempo.

Tempo Video

Babies through Middle School

Listen as Conductor Dan talks about two common tempos in music, andante and allegro. Clap along with him!

Tempo Activities

Preschool and Elementary School


Conductor Dan taught us about andante and allegro, now let’s learn about two more: moderato and presto. Here is a helpful way to imagine four different tempos as animal speeds.


Step One: Try acting each animal moves while you listen to these four pieces in this playlist:

Feel how each animal has a different tempo. The music is in order of slow to fast:

  • Andante: slow and steady like a turtle
  • Moderato: prancing around like a cat
  • Allegro: galloping like a horse
  • Presto: all-out like a cheeetah

Step Two: Once your child has a grasp of each tempo, write down each one on a slip of paper and put them in a pile. Create another pile of papers that have different movements on them. Take turns choosing a tempo card and a movement card and do that movement in the tempo you choose. Movements could include:

  • Walking/running
  • Tapping your head
  • Blinking your eyes
  • Shaking your head
  • Rubbing your belly

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