Tiny Tots: Online Portal Introduction (MOTW)

Navigating the Music of the World Portal

Thank you for joining us for Tiny Tots online! We are thrilled to share these programs and all the activities with you. Please make sure to read this entire page thoroughly for an overview on how the platform works so that you can get right in and explore the music.


If you’re new to the online Tiny Tots experience, this video will help you navigate everything quickly:


Your Music of the World Activity books will be shipped within a day of your order.


You should already have your username and password. Access the Tiny Tots portal through this link. If you have a full season package, you will have access to all program releases through the portal linked above. If you are signed up for a single program package, you will only see that program in the portal linked above.

Please note: Tiny Tots programming is best experienced on a computer or a tablet.
We highly recommend one of those options over a cell phone.

Step One: Pick a Language. Each language portal contains all the exact same content, just in different languages.

Step Two: Pick a Section. Here is what you’ll find in each section.

Performance Videos: This section contains all the performances.

  • Full Performance. You can watch the full performance in a single video in the left column. The full performances from beginning to end will be approximately 35-40 minutes long.
  • Short, Individual Video Performances: You can also watch each of the individual pieces of music using icons in the right columns. These icons can be picked by the activity associated with the piece (which is on the icon).
  • Instrument Sorting: You can also sort the individual videos by the instruments in them by clicking the instrument family icons in the center column.

Activities and Games: This section contains online games, playlists, activity suggestions, e-guides for parents and teachers, and additional videos.

  • Online games: In the Music of the World portal, you can try out world instruments, tempo lessons, and a coloring page.
  • Explore the music and themes with activity posts on a variety of subjects.
  • Find resources for adults with additional learning tools, links, and playlists to continue bringing music to children.


Click on everything! If you see a balloon floating around, make sure you click it!


  • Please do not share your login with others.
  • Inside the Orchestra is a nonprofit organization working hard to serve our mission during unprecedented times. If you enjoy the Tiny Tots experience and would like to share (and we hope you will!) please direct people to sign up for a program package themselves.
  • If you do share about the experience on social media, please tag us @insideorchestra on Facebook or Instagram with #TinyTotsTour

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