Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf

We encourage you to first have your students watch or listen to a performance of Peter and the Wolf. We like this one quite a bit:

Act It Out

Next, bring the story to life! Here are different scenes from the story that students can act out. You can find these parts in the music and play the music as students act out the scenes. This Spotify playlist has each individual section of the music and story as a different track.

For Two People

  • One person is Grandfather and one is Peter. Grandfather tells Peter to come inside.
  • One person is the bird and the other is the duck. They tease each other and compare all the ways they’re different and the same.

For Three People: One person is Peter, one is the bird, and one is the wolf as Peter and the bird try and catch the wolf.

For Four or More People: Peter and his friends carry the heavy wolf together to the zoo.

Going Further

  • Switch it Up: Act out each scene as it is in the story and then challenge your students to come up with a new ending.
  • A Full Performance: Play the story for your students and have them act along with the whole piece. This will engage their creativity as well as their memory skills as they have to work to remember what comes next in the story and prepare to act it out.
  • Peter and the Wolf Charades: Depending on the age of your child(ren), this can be done in a variety of ways with different levels of difficulty:
    • Someone can act out a single character. Other players must guess the character and the instrument that portrays it.
    • One or more people can silently act out a scene. Other players must guess what is occuring in the scene.

Peter and the Wolf Coloring Book

Let your little one’s imagination shine as they draw and color their own Peter and the Wolf storybook with an abridged version of the story for young artists.

  1. Download the coloring book here.
  2. Cut along the dotted lines to make your 8-page story book and color the pictures.
  3. To finish your book you can:
    • Staple or attach your pages together in order or
    • Keep the pages free floating and ask your kids to help put them in order each time you read the story.
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