Playlist – All About You

Create A Playlist All About You

For a long time, people (young people especially!) have been creating their own musical playlists to share and connect with their friends and communities around them. Thanks to digital media and software, it’s now easier than ever for people to create their own playlists. Help your students create their own playlists to express themselves and their identity in this activity.

  1. Explain to students that the songs they choose should represent different aspects of their lives – their personalities, hobbies and interests, family, culture, etc.
  2. Have students brainstorm different qualities about themselves using the “I am” column of the worksheet below.
  3. For each of those qualities, have them think about what characteristics their musical choices should have to illustrate that quality.
  4. Students will then research and listen to music to find pieces that match those qualities and traits. Have students write down their musical choices on the worksheet or have them create an actual playlist on Spotify.

Going further:

  • Students can create their own playlist art, either a physical or digital image.
  • Students can present their playlists to the class, either all at once or individually throughout the school year so that the class really gets time to learn about each student.
  • Play a guessing game: play excerpts from one student’s playlist and see if students can guess who create it, or announce a student’s name and play a piece from their playlist and have classmates guess what part of their personality/life they were trying to share.

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