Inside the Orchestra’s Family Picnic in the Park

DanceI’ve been interning with Inside the Orchestra for just about two months now.  My usual days consist of many hours sitting in front   of my computer, researching grants for Inside the Orchestra, creating online advertisements, and helping to plan events.  Though I thoroughly       appreciate all of the information I’ve been learning and the skills I’ve been gaining, I can’t say it is the most thrilling day-to-day work.  Volunteering at events like last night’s Family Picnic at City remind me why so many hours spent preparing for such events are definitely worth it.

Last night, I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face, as I watched the youngsters attending dancing to the music, laughing, conducting along with Tom, and asking the musicians questions.  Probably one of my favorite parts of the night was when a group of children gathered around Tom as he was conducting, just so they could be closer to the action!  The children weren’t the only ones enjoying themselves, as I saw smiles on faces of all of the adults accompanying them.  Many families brought picnics, or purchased food from Little India or a cool snack from Jack’s Shaved Ice, and sat out on the beautiful lawns at City Park and enjoyed the music.  The talent of the young soloists who performed with the orchestra astounded me, as both young ladies played two difficult pieces from memory in front of a large crowd.Picnic

My life has been forever positively shaped by the musical education and experiences that I had as a child.  Being involved in music from a young age taught me to how to express myself, communicate with others, be more outgoing, work towards goals, be a leader, and more.  That’s why seeing the parents and guardians interacting with their children and the excitement the children felt at last night’s performance was one of the best rewards I could ever ask for in my work with Inside the Orchestra.  I know that the work Inside the Orchestra does in exposing children to music and involving them in fun and interactive ways, will shape their lives forever.  Not to mention create fun memories for the families who attend. I can’t wait to get back to work to plan the next event!

–   Kate Huffman, Inside the Orchestra Marketing & Development Intern

July 25, 2014




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