The Activity Corner: Summer Fun

Nature instruments

1) Make instruments from nature. Ah, Colorado. Few places in the US have such beautiful scenery or such possibility for outdoor exploration. Now is a great time of your to bring the outdoors into other activities for your child. We suggest some nature-sourced instruments! Make a shaker with pinecones, a xylophone with twigs, a trumpet with a seashell, whatever you can find. Check out this page for some inspiration.


Jump Rope Songs
2) Get moving and making music. We all grew up with fun little tunes that we’d sing with friends while jumping rope, and it’s time to pass them on to your kids. This website has a couple lists with the most popular and well-known jump rope rhymes. Miss Mary Mack anyone?


water play
3) What’s more fun than playing in water on a hot summer day? Making water music! Check out this article and video about how to make music with water – and then get outside and start creating masterpieces.


Music Rocks
4) Go rock hunting. Teach music theory with rocks you can find in the backyard. Make an afternoon activity of hunting for the right rocks, getting them ready, and then trying out someof the many musical games that can be done with them.


PVC Xylophone_thumb[1]
5) Build a musical instrument that will last for many summers to come. Get hands on with crafting and creating outside by building your own outdoor xylophone with PVC pipes. Kids can tap into all aspects of their creativity with art making, hands on building, design, and making music.