Animals Love Music Too!

There’s nothing quite like cute animal videos to brighten an afternoon. Add some music to the mix and you’ve got an even more winning combination. Here are some of our favorite videos of animals feeling the music love!

Cows Mooooving

Watch this farmer round up his cattle herd by serenading them with his trombone. Who knew that cows liked pop music so much?

Tickling the Ivories

Pianos haven’t been made with ivory keys for over 40 years, thank goodness. Watch this sweet elephant named Peter jam out on the piano with one of his human friends.

Scaredy Cat

Ask any musician about metronomes, and they’ll surely tell you about their love-hate relationship (with an emphasis on the hate) with these time-keeping tools. It looks like this cat sympathizes. Watch as he’s continually scared with each beat, yet determined to make it stop!

Hey Diddle Diddle

This cat either loves his human or is really digging the music she’s playing. Or maybe both! Check out George the cat as he perches on top of the guitar for a music-fueled cuddle fest.

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