Musical Bird Songs

Composers throughout history have used their music to tell a story or to imitate sounds that they hear around them. Some of the most common sounds composers have imitated in their music are bird calls. Music from hundreds of years ago all the way to music written today features bird calls played by instruments all […]

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Scott Joplin – The King of Ragtime

Who Was Scott Joplin? Scott Joplin was an African American composer who is famous for the Ragtime style of music. Watch this short video about Joplin or read some of the facts below. Important Facts: Share this with your children to talk about Scott Joplin’s life, his challenges, and his successes. He came from a

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Music From Around the World Part Two

Let’s explore music and arts from Japan, Australia, India, and the United States. Check out Music From Around the World Part 1 here. Japan Shojoji is a Japanese nursery rhyme about a hungry raccoon-dog, called a tanuki. In the song, the tanuki taps on its belly like a drum. At Tiny Tots, we featured the

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Time to Drum!

Percussion Videos Watch as percussionist Peter Cooper tells you about the percussion instruments in the orchestra. Percussion Activities for Babies – Preschool Pom Pom Drum Painting This is a fun activity to involve your littlest ones in both music and art-making at the same time! This tutorial makes drum sticks out of pom-poms and wooden

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Music By You!

You are so creative! We invited children to compose music online and share their compositions with us. We are so thrilled to hear the music you’ve made and we were inspired to make music along with you. Check out these three compositions by kids below, and our suggested activities to go along with them. Conductor

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Professional vs. DIY

Nous avons mis au défi deux de nos musiciens professionnels de jouer le célèbre Also Sprach Zarathustra sur leurs instruments habituels, puis des versions bricolages de leurs instruments. Nous aimons la façon dont cela montre que tout le monde peut faire de la musique à la maison, même si vous n’avez pas d’instruments. Professionnels et

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All About the Instruments – Brass and Percussion Families

We’ve explored the string and woodwind families of the orchestra and now it’s time to have some fun with the other two families of the orchestra – the brass and percussion instruments. The Brass Family The sound starts on a brass family instrument when a musician buzzes their lips into the mouthpiece to get the

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Musical Games!

Looking for musical games? Here are several options – for playing indoors, outdoors, online or offline. Use the game packet downloads to play orchestra games with your family in person, play Orchestra Memory online, or check out any of the classic music games for playing anywhere. Want more online musical games? Find them in our

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STEAM for All Ages

Music is a fascinating blend of physical vibrations, basic counting, complicated mathematical patterns and rules complete with a whole lot of creativity and humanity thrown in. Because of this, it’s the perfect medium for early learners to explore the scientific process. Below are three STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) experiments for kids in

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No-Prep Musical Exploration

Overview Instructions: Follow the prompts or simply use them to inspire your own creative fun. Degree of Involvement: Starts with a discussion, then independent activities. Age range: Preschool through Middle School Summary: What is Program Music? Orchestra music and storytelling go hand in hand. Orchestra music that tells a story is called program music. Program

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Professional vs. DIY

Desafiamos a dos de nuestros músicos profesionales a tocar el famoso Also Sprach Zarathustra en sus instrumentos habituales y luego en versiones de bricolaje de sus instrumentos. Nos encanta cómo esto demuestra que cualquiera puede hacer música en casa, incluso si no tienes ningún instrumento. Professional vs. DIY Haga sus propios instrumentos Percusión De todas

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Family At-Home Thunderstorm Activity

Kids of all ages can have fun together when they team up to make an indoor thunderstorm! This activity can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like, taking up just 20 minutes or a couple hours. Start by talking to your kids about thunderstorms. What do they hear? What do they see? What

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