Mini-Music – Fine and Gross Motor Activities

Check out the short playlists and activities below to engage kids in fine motor or gross motor activities. Turn up the music and let them have some independent activity time.

Fine Motor Playlist

Check out our fine motor mini-playlist, featuring steady music to help little ones concentrate.

Fine Motor Activities

Babies and young toddlers will love this easy-to-make fabric box. Grab an empty baby wipes box and fill it with scraps of fabric you have around the house. Depending on the age of the child, they’ll enjoy pulling out pieces of fabric, stuffing them back in, and working to open and close the box independently.

Preschoolers can get hands-on as they use small found items to trace lines and make their own patterns. This tutorial uses buttons but you could also use small pebbles or pinecones gathered on a nature walk, coins, or any other small toy.

Elementary school-age children and beyond are the perfect age to explore the beautiful art of origami. This playlist has easy origami tutorials geared specifically for kids, including this Yoda that we love.

Gross Motor Playlist

This playlist features fun, fast, and loud orchestra music you can jam out to.

Gross Motor Activities

Kids and grownups of all ages can have fun with impromptu dance parties along with this music. When you kids least expect, shout “Dance Party!” and turn the music up. It’ll become a silly tradition for days (and weeks) when you’re stuck indoors.

Babies through preschoolers can get their energy out using nothing but the pillows they’ve likely already thrown all over your floor (🙈). Grab a bunch of pillows and line them up. Depending on the age and coordination of your little(s), they can explore this activity in so many ways. Have them try to:

  • Walk forward and backward from one end to the other
  • Jump from pillow to pillow
  • Walk across with their eyes closed
  • Step on only every other pillow

Honestly, the possibilities are endless for this one!

Elementary and Middle School students can exercise their minds and brains at the same time as they work on mastering choreography to the hit song “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

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